Yoga poses to boost the immune system

For anything to function correctly, balance and stability are key. The immune system is no exception. Yoga offers a holistic approach to balancing the whole body and these exercises focus on balancing the main organs, reducing tension and stress and boosting energy. The poses below directly support and strengthen the immune system and can help … Read more

Yoga for diabetes

What physical benefits can yoga bring to people who have either type of diabetes? Presumably it can help with circulation issues, neuropathy, etc? The practice of yoga helps to develop will power and stamina. Stress and anxiety are major problems in modern life, but they can be effectively tackled through concentration, meditation, breath control and … Read more

Yoga and mindfulness

People often ask me what is mindfulness or mindful living? Mindful living is when your past is not interfering with your present, and worries about the future are not interfering with your present. When you are free from the worries of the past and worries of the future and you are living moment-to-moment – that … Read more

Yoga and the ego

The ego is a survival mechanism. Its job is to keep intact our identity and image; in other words, the reality we wish to project to the world. When we are operating from ego, we may say things like: “I am better than others” “My way is the right way” “I know more than you” … Read more

Yoga, meditation and the benefits of a regular practice

The regular practice of meditation diminishes the desire to react, retort and hate, until these emotions vanish completely. Samadhi (a higher state of consciousness, in which the mind is free of thought) is the end product of regular meditation and allows us to live in a calm, peaceful state, regardless of the conflicts or problems … Read more

Yoga and the secret to having it all

Can we really have everything we want, while living from our hearts and being content and fulfilled in life? Is this an unrealistic expectation? I believe, I know, that it is possible to have everything. How can this be so? In order to “have everything”, both spiritually and materially, we must undertake some spiritual training.  … Read more

10 benefits of a daily yoga practice

Just 15 minutes of yoga a day can change the chemistry of your brain and improve your mood. This alone is enough to motivate us to incorporate a daily yoga practice in our lives. However, as we tend to want the best available information, we are going to mention some of the particular health benefits … Read more