Holistic Yoga

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Course Overview

Life can sometimes be exciting, or difficult, or sometimes comfortable but uninspiring. One thing is certain though, life is a huge challenge but it is worth understanding it better so that we can improve it.

Many of us feel that, whatever our current reality, we can still advance and enrich all aspects of our lives. This can be difficult if we have trouble identifying which is the most appropriate path for our individual needs and desires. This is why a teacher or spiritual guide, and the correct tools, are needed.

Holistic Yoga Level 2 with Sri Swami Purohit is an exceptional course, in which you will experiment the extraordinary power of yoga in your life.  His proven methodology is based on a combination of ancient teachings and wisdom with simple, but very powerful, physical yoga exercises, and meditation. This training will be a very gratifying experience and will give you the tools you need in order to transform your life in a positive and permanent way. 

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is designed with two types of student in mind: firstly, those who have completed the Holistic Yoga course with Swami and wish to continue learning with him in order to develop and deepen their practice. The second group who are eligible for this course are new students, who wish to begin their own journey of growth and personal development.  The Holistic Yoga Level 2 course is designed so that any one can benefit from it, regardless of age, physical fitness or experience. The aim of Sri Swami Purohit’s teachings is that of spreading physical and mental wellbeing and wisdom to all participants.The only requirement is that of having an open mind and a deep desire to develop one’s maximum potential.  

Course Content

This course is divided into 3 modules, each with a duration of 6 months.

After completing 18 months of the Holistic Yoga course, we are now moving to the next level of total development that encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. In this course we will incorporate a powerful new tool: Kriya Yoga. The practice of Kriya speeds up the process of enlightenment. Is a very simple but incredibly powerful breathing technique that transforms energy into spiritual light.

For the first six months of the course, (Module I), we will be delving deeper into the process of developing the physical body. We will work on purifying the body and increasing our capacity to generate more prana (vital energy) and storing this prana to improve the quality of each and every pore in our body.

In order to achieve this we will practice some sets of classical yoga, such as the  Yogananda set, the nervous system set and the crocodile relaxation set. These will improve our strength, flexibility and vitality levels.

In the second module we will focus on the practice of meditation and mantra in order to develop the mind. We will include the practice of sushumna meditation, an alternate breathing technique, and a more intense practice of chanting of mantra.

This module is designed to train students to develop greater breathing awareness.

Breathing is the basic foundation of Kriya Yoga.

In the third and final module we will move to the next level of the practice of Kriya Yoga and use it as our main tool for developing our connection with our soul. This training will help us to learn how to detach from the conflicts of our mind and reach a state of peace and thought free silence.

Kriya Yoga is a technique that allows the practitioner to transcend the mind without losing inner peace.

Unique Methodology

What makes these teachings unique, is the spiritual energy that Sri Swami Purohit transmits in each session. With each energy transmission, Sri Swami Purohit helps us achieve a higher level of consiousness which will become permanent with the regular daily practice.

The soul must be awakened in order to begin the true path of development. The aim of this course is to obtain a permanent connection with the soul. The soul heals the mind, body and heart, it creates harmony within us and with those around us. It helps us flow ith life and accept it as it is. Everything we need is inside us; peace, love, joy and wisdom. However, none of this can be attained without first connecting to the soul. This is the most important task of the Spiritual Master.

Final Words

This course is not about perfoming complicated yoga postures. It is a practical course to help you fully develop your potential and enjoy a great life using physical, mental and spiritual tools, which are simple but extraordinarily effective. When you learn how to use them you will become self sufficient, and eventually, you will be your own guide.

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