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Retreats With Sri Swami Purohit

Several times a year Sri Swami Purohit holds intensive courses which take place over 3 or 4 days. Our retreats are an immersive experience, designed to help you completely disconnect from worries, stress, and technology and re-connect with your inner self and your true needs and priorities. 

By stepping away from the demands and routines of daily life, you will regain a much more balanced perspective on life. This can have huge benefits both mentally and physically, reducing blood pressure, anxiety and depression and improving sleep quality, digestion and concentration.

Each retreat has a different theme which Swamiji will explore in depth, with a mixture of teachings, simple but powerful physical exercises (yoga and breathing), and also relaxation techniques and meditations. The themes are all related to different aspects of personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

An example of how our retreats are organised:

The retreat will usually begin in the afternoon, allowing all guests to arrive without stress and settle into their rooms. On that first afternoon, there will be a presentation by Swamiji and a first session before dinner, which is served at 20.30h approx.). The following days, we will usually begin each morning at 7.00h with a yoga session (no experience required) before breakfast at 9.00h. Swamiji will continue his teaching sessions between 10.00h and 14.00h with a short break mid-morning. Lunch will be served at 14.00h and then there is free time until 17.00h in which guests can rest, go for a walk, read, meditate or chat with other guests. Sessions with Swami continue from 17.00h until 20.30h with a short break mid-afternoon. On the final day, the retreat will finalise after lunch. 

Our retreats are designed to cater for all your needs and to enhance your experience in every possible way. Meals are vegetarian and the menu’s are overseen by Swamiji to ensure the best possible balance and to avoid foods that can affect energy levels, body temperature or overload our digestive system. We also cater for all food allergies and intolerances as long as these are communicated on booking.

Each retreat centre is located in a beautiful and natural environment and offers a variety of accommodation ranging from single or double rooms to shared dormitories and family rooms, catering for all needs and budgets. All guests are welcome: individuals, couples, friends and families and no previous experience is required. 

If you have been struggling to make changes in your life and don’t know where to start, a retreat could be exactly what you need. Sri Swami Purohit will guide you along a path to rediscovering your true needs and purpose in life and help you begin your journey towards limitless living.

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